Councillors unite behind Cllr Sue McGuire’s campaign for railings to be restored

Cambridge Ward Councillors unite behind Cllr McGuire’s campaign for railings to be restored.

Cambridge Ward Councillor Sue McGuire, welcomed the news that Southport is set to receive £2 million to undertake a widespread refurbishment of the pier.  Councillor McGuire explained: “Investment like this will help to ensure that the Pier remains an iconic landmark for Southport.”

“I am delighted that this large scale refurbishment of the Pier will also include work to restore the rusted cast iron railings around the Marine Lake.”

“The railings have deteriorated to such an extent over recent years that they have become an eyesore when approaching Southport from the north.  I am pleased to confirm that all three Cambridge Ward councillors have worked together on this to contribute £35,000 from Section 106 money within our ward budget and this will enable work to be undertake on the railings. At decision will be taken on whether the railings will be replaced or renovated​ once a full investigation has been undertaken on the condition of the railings.

Cambridge Ward Conservative representative, Councillor Harry Bliss, said: “The cost of renovating or replacing the railings was prohibitive and not something that either the Council or Cambridge Ward councillors could fund alone.  That’s why we are delighted that when we approached the Council staff they agreed to include the railings as part of the whole refurbishment plan.”

The railings stretch for more than 700 metres and it’s a huge undertaking to replace them. They have stood guard over the lake for many years and I’m delighted that once refurbished they will continue to be do so for many more. They are an integral part of Southport’s heritage.


​The £35,000 is being funded from the Cambridge Ward section 106 funds.

Section 106 money is money provided by developers when undertaking building schemes and is outside normal Council budgets.

The Cambridge Ward 106 Section fund has been built up over a number of years following several large scale development in the ward.

Money from Section 106 can only be used on environmental projects and is usually used to fund the planting of trees.

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