Park Road Improvements Finally Made

After an 8 year campaign led by Councillor Sue McGuire, work has finally been completed to make the junction at Park Road and Roe Lane safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

As Councillor Sue McGuire explains “Working with residents I first asked the Council to take action here in 2006 so am delighted that they have finally recognised how dangerous and intimidating this junction was for pedestrians.

Sue on the newly improved junction

Sue on the newly improved junction

 Councillor McGuire added “As a pedestrian crossing this junction before the work was carried out was like running the gauntlet in “Death Race 2000”. Pedestrians had in effect to cross 4 lanes of traffic near a junction so wide that cars could turn into ParkRoad without actually slowing down.”

 The work which, was finished last week, involved making the junction narrower with a larger pedestrian island installed in the centre.  Bollards have now also been added on the junction corners to help cars make the narrower turn.

New School Crossing makes the grade

As the end of the school term approaches, its the time of the year for annual awards and I was thrilled to be invited by St Patrick’s Primary School to the recent School Council awards.

The event saw representatives from schools across Southport give detailed presentations on the work they had been doing in partnership with each other.

St Patricks Primary School were joined by representatives from the school councils of Marshside Primary School, St John’s Primary School and Bishop David Shepherd to form the Traffic Stoppers. The key aims of the group were to tackle speeding in and around their schools, to make walking to school safer and to encourage parents to park further away form the school gates. As part of this, I was delighted to work with the group to get a new school crossing patrol on Marshside Road.

Other groups present also included the Hillside Helpers ( who have worked to transform Hillside train station, the Green Machine who built a schools garden within Kings Garden and the Can you Dig It team who have worked to enhance the community garden in Ainsdale.

School Council members from local Schools take a bow

Missing Bus Stop Knowsley Road

Residents on Knowlsey Road have been left without a bus stop following recent work by the Council to replace the old cast iron lighting columns. It seems that one of the columns removed also acted as a pole for the bus stop – with the column gone the sign was also taken away.

It appears that the Council should have notified Merseytravel, who have responsibility for bus stops, so that a replacement sign could be arranged however this communication did not take place. As a result residents in the area have been taking a chance that the buses will continue to stop at the now unmarked bus stop.

I have been in contact with both the Council and Merseytravel. Merseytravel have confirmed that an Officer will be out there today to identify the best course of action. If the lighting column has moved significantly, the plate will not be reinstated on this apparatus and we will put a new post back in the place where the light column was.

Residents take to their bikes

As Southport basked in the sun on Sunday, I was struck by the number of people I saw riding their bikes. During my two journeys from the Plough Roundabout to the Woodvale Traffic lights I counted 89 people “on their bikes” from families with small children to elegant ladies with wicker baskets. This total does not include the 15 Lycra glad cycling gods I saw eating breakfast at Macdonalds on Ocean Plaza.

Cycling is a great way to save money and keep fit. As someone who takes to her 1950’s sit up and beg bike regularly its also one of the best ways to enjoy Southport. As a local councillor when I’m on my bike I can see issues/problems and also feel far more connected to the community I represent.

I just wish that motorist took more notice and took greater care when overtaking cyclists giving us more space and time.

Tackling Speeding Cars on Fleetwood Road

One issue which came up again and again when we were out and about recently was the on-going problem of cars speeding down Fleetwood Road from Marshside Road to Hesketh Road.

Newly elected councillor Pat Keith has now taken up the challenge. As Pat explains “Speeding cars becomes a serious problem once drivers have cleared the speed bumps outside Stanley High School.
I have asked the Council to undertake a traffic survey here to and I have also raised the issue with the local police.”

Love at first SIGN

I know I have posted before about variable speed sign but I’m absolutely over the moon that the two signs I recently campaigned for have now finally been installed on Marshside Road and Fylde Road. And I’m delighted to say they are both working well flashing away like billy-oh at drivers going over 30mph on these roads.

I especially like the one on Marshide Road since, as there are no street lights where it is located, it flashes like this great beacon in the darkness which I think probably gives the drivers a bit of a shock !

Taking action to make roads safer

Residents of Fylde Road have welcomes the news that a sign warning drivers of their speed is set to be installed on this busy road following action by Lib Dem Councillor Sue McGuire.

As Sue explains “Speeding traffic has been a problem here for many years and even though there have been two serios accidents involving pedestraians the road soe not meet the criteria for the council to take action.  I knew something had to be done so I decided to to look at other options to make the road safer and I belive that this sign will make a difference.

Your Lib Dem Team are also working to get a similar sign installed on Marshside Road.