Request for better gritting around schools

A local Lib Dem councillor has called for Sefton Council to review its current policy which is not to grit near schools in icy weather.  Councillor Sue McGuire raised her concerns at the 3 Feb meeting of Southport Area Committee.

The Area Committee had before it a report on the “Winter Service” following concerns expressed about road conditions in early January.  However the report makes clear (para 1.9) that Sefton’s policy is “not to accede to requests for additional gritting at locations which do not form part of the approved gritting routes.”

“The problem is that most schools are not on the approved gritting routes,” explained Cllr McGuire.
“It is only if the school happens to be on a main road that the gritters will cover the approaches to the school however even then this does not include gritting on the pavements.  For example, Marshside Primary School, one of the schools in my ward is on the gritting route however the lack of gritting on the pavement meant some children were kept off school because many parents felt that getting their children to school was too dangerous during the snow and ice.”

“I am glad that the Area Committee have backed my call for the Council to be asked to look again at the current approved gritting routes.  I have suggested that the roads and pavements closely surrounding most or all schools could and should be added to the list.”

The report on “Winter Service” to the 3 February Southport Area Committee can be found here:$

Working to Improve Our Grass Verges

Your Lib Dem Councillors have raised a the issue of the management of grass verges in our area: when they are cut or not, why the cuttings are not collected and why some areas are not included as part of the standard litter picking schedule.Areas of particular concern include the grassed in the following areas

  • Seaton Way/Coyford Drive & Salcombe Close,
  • the verges on Threlfalls Lane, Marshside Road & Marine Drive,
  • the embankments at Rawlinson Road & Parklands and
  • maintenance of the corner at Court Road & North Street.

If you would like more information on the above or if you would like another area included please get in touch with your Lib Dem Team.

Bin Collection Update – 8th January

Bin collection has been a very patchy yesterday and today. Although refuse vehicles have been outt throughout Southport, collecting left out wheelie bins where its reasonably safe to do so, lots of roads couldn’t be done.   Still problems emptying the contents of the trucks at Foul Lane where they are only accepting a limited number of loads.  Some refuse lorries parked up at the depot full of waste that can’t be got rid of.

We’re told that a number of Sefton council street cleaners/refuse workers have had accidents/injuries over the last few days because of the conditions. In one case, a broken wrist.

The plan is to collect as many grey wheelie bins and recycling boxe as possible on the usual days next week and a black bag of rubbish, put by the side of the grey bin, will be collected because of the extra waste that’s been piling up since the snow dropped and bins haven’t been emptied.

The green recycling box teams have been out in areas of our town where they can collect reasonably safely.  To catch up, they are going to delay picking up recycling material from schools for a while in order to concentrate on emptying boxes from households.

Wheelie Bin & Recycling News

Sefton council cannot collect refuse at the moment because the places where they take waste to for disposal cannot take any more rubbish.  The council deals with collecting refuse and the vehicles then go to two “tip” sites – Foul Lane, Southport and Gillmoss, Liverpool – where they unload.

All Sefton’s waste is then dealt with by a private contractor, Veolia, which manages the “tips” for the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority, the body responsible for getting rid of all the waste collected in the region.


The refuse is taken onwards by Veolia for burying at a landfill site near Warrington. But this is effectively closed because of the conditions. The whole operation is therefore backing up. Both Foul Lane and Gillmoss cannot store any more of the waste collected by Sefton.

Sefton refuse lorries were out yesterday (Tues) collecting.  But they now have nowhere to unload.  The vehicles are now stranded in the council depots completely full of rubbish and so, of course, cannot go out again until the vehicles have been emptied.

The private contractor that collects the green recycling boxes has had to stop all operations because of the risks to the collection teams.

Major Push for new Street Nameplates

Your LibDem have spearheaded a campaign to bring local street nameplates up to scratch. They have agreed to use £1,700 of Cambridge Ward’s ‘Street Scene’ Budget to replace missing and damaged street signs throughout our area.
Cllr Sue McGuire cycled around  to identify sites where replacement signs are needed. Sue also found out that street nameplates on garden walls cost only a third of the price of free-standing ones.
Roads now due to get replacement street nameplate signs include:  Albany Road, Alexandra Road, Allerton Road, Avondale Road North, Bakers Lane, Bank Nook, Cambridge Road, Churchill Avenue, Court Road, Gordon Street, Hilbre Drive, Lathom Road, Manx Janes Lane, Park Avenue, Park Crescent, Queens Road and Salcombe Drive.
If you know of any damaged or missing street signs in our area please let your Lib Dem Team know.