Fylde Road traders become Dementia friendly

fylde roadSouthport’s ‘Dementia Friendly’ campaign was given a top-level launch this week by highly respected politician Shirley Williams.
The initiative, organised by the town’s Lib Dems, was officially endorsed by Baroness Williams at Fylde Road where local shops and businesses have been the pioneers in backing the new campaign.
“This is a wonderful, beneficial initiative for the community and I was delighted to be invited for its launch,” said Baroness Williams, who added: “ I hope it goes from strength to strength and that other communities take it up.”
She was accompanied be Southport MP John Pugh who declared: “ Our town has given a lead in the way the community deals with the condition of dementia. We’re very grateful to Baroness Williams for giving her time to help us get the campaign in motion.”
Sefton has one of the highest percentage of adults with dementia in the UK and Dr.Hilal Mulla, clinical lead in dementia at Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group, said:
“Alzheimer’s is much more than a disease. It’s something that affects large slices of society and must be tackled not just through the medical route but in every aspect of the condition and its effects. Personally, I’m delighted that Southport has taken a lead in this area.”
Cambridge Ward councillors Pat Keith and Sue McGuire have been prime organisers in developing the initiative with local shops and businesses.
Cllr. McGuire said: “For many people with dementia, the battle is not just about getting a diagnosis and support there’s a danger that people start to feel that they are the ‘property’ of health and social care when they really long to have control over their daily lives and the everyday things we all take for granted – such as shopping going out to eat mingling with people spending time with friends and family.”

“The training and the changes to practice that Fylde Road shops have undertaken are the first steps in pulling down barriers and enabling people to stay in control of their lives for longer periods.” explained Cllr.Pat Keith. “The businesses are committed to providing excellent customer service and individualised customer care.

“This won’t just help people with dementia but will benefit everyone who enters their establishments.”

If your business would like to be involved in this initiative or you require further information please contact:
[email protected]
Phone 07735005802
[email protected]

Southport bid to be dementia friendly wins backing of shops and businesses on Fylde Road
Southport bid to be dementia friendly wins backing of
The new campaign to make Southport Dementia Friendly has been boosted by backing from Fylde Road shops and businesses who have pledged their support.
John Pugh MP with Cllrs Sue McGuire & Pat Keith support local businesses

John Pugh MP with Cllrs Sue McGuire & Pat Keith support local businesses

 The initiative, which will be launched on March 1 by Baroness Shirley Williams, came from Southport MP John Pugh, whose vision is to make Southport services accessible and inclusive to residents with dementia and to their carers.
 “Support from across the town is crucial to the success of our
campaign. ”said Dr Pugh: “So I’m delighted that Fylde Road are blazing a trail. We’re also very encouraged to have the backing of the Alzheimer’s Society who are providing training for the shops and businesses involved.”
 Cambridge ward Lib Dem councillors Sue McGuire and Pat Keith have been working hard over the last 6 months to put the plans into operation.
Councilor Sue McGuire said: “This is a great example of community politics in action and demonstrates that everything doesn’t have to be linked to finance”.
Evidence suggests that a lot of people with dementia can so easily give up’ because they worry about the reaction of strangers and encounter too many difficulties but as
Councillor Pat Keith explained  “The dementia friendly training is about challenging communities to do better and to enable people to be a full part of society for longer. It is also to recognise that what benefits people with dementia benefits everyone.”
 Dr Hilal Mulla, clinical lead in dementia at Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group, welcomed the campaign and said: “This is an important time for Southport to become a dementia friendly town. Sefton has one of the highest percentage of adults with dementia in the UK and more than 50% of people with dementia in Seton are not currently being identified as having the condition and therefore not being treated.
“There are many simple changes people can make to their business which can help people cope with everyday tasks – yet they can make a great difference in helping those with dementia lead a rich and fulfilling life.”
 Councillor Sue McGuire, added “The most difficult things for people with dementia are the everyday activities most of us take for granted, such as withdrawing money at the bank, paying bills, shopping and using public transport.
 “ Most people want to carry on normally for as long as possible and that can be achieved when they don’t have to overcome additional obstacles or burdens.”
Rubbish Friends Litter Pick – cancelled due to severe weather conditions

The litter pick planned by Rubbish Friends for Saturday 15th February had to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

Councillor Sue McGuire explained “The weather on Saturday was appalling with high winds, a high tide and horizontal rain – any activity on the beach would have been counter productive and so following advise from the Beach Rangers who advised that not really safe to be on the beach given the conditions, we decided to cancel the litter pick.  We will be organising another litter pick soon.”

Some Rubbish Friend volunteers inspect beach in gale force winds, horizontal rain as high tide.

Some Rubbish Friend volunteers inspect beach in gale force winds, horizontal rain as high tide.

Councillor Pat Keith added “We would like to say a huge thank you to the dozen or so volunteers who actually turned up on Saturday still keen to collect the rubbish despite the appalling weather – that’s what we call dedication.


Make Children Aware’ says councillor Pat Keith

My sex education was shrouded in myth and legend with the devil playing a starring role. Fear and superstition abounded but there was very little substance. These embarrassing monologues always ended with the same remonstration from my Mother: ‘Don’t bring shame on your family by getting yourself pregnant.’ BUT, how on earth you got yourself pregnant was never explained.

Thankfully times have changed and the past, as they say, is a foreign country. However, even in these enlightened times parents still struggle to have a conversation with their children about how to keep themselves safe from abuse.
Those of us who are parents can understand why. We don’t want to scare the wits out of our children, we struggle to find the right words and childhood is precious and fleeting and we don’t wish to mar it.

This is why I proposed a motion to Sefton Council asking them to encourage schools in Sefton to take up a service offered by the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and aimed at primary school children aged nine to eleven. This free service takes the form of an assembly and interactive workshop. The assembly covers definitions of abuse, places for children to go for help and an introduction to ChildLine. This is followed by interactive classroom-based sessions which reinforce the key messages given in the assembly.
The other initiative I wanted to draw attention to is

‘The Underwear Rule’ .

This is an NSPCC guide to help parents explain to their children, in an age appropriate manner, that no one should touch them on the parts of their body usually covered by their underwear and that they should not touch others in those areas.

It reinforces the message to children that their body belongs to them and they have the right to say NO!
Both Sue and I believe that if exploitation of children is to be prevented victims and potential victims must be given a voice. This is why we advocate giving children information and knowledge in an age appropriate manner. We want to empower children to speak out.”

The motion has been passed to the Children Schools and Families committee for further discussion in March.


Cllr Sue McGuire slams RBS bonuses

Southport Councillor Sue McGuire is delighted that Lib Dem MP’s are shouting about the recent announcement concerning bonuses for RBS staff.

Sue explained “I am delighted that John Leech  Lib Dem MP for Manchester Withington, has co-sponsored a parliamentary motion that calls on the government to use its 81% share in the Royal Bank of Scotland to block 200% bonuses potentially being handed to RBS bankers.”

Councillor Sue McGuire added ”With the bank on schedule to lose £8 billion in 2014 the 200% rate can hardly be justified as deserving or performance related”.

Councillor Pat Keith, Sue’s Cambridge ward colleague also added her support “The government, as a majority shareholder in RBS, has the power to veto such bonuses rates if they are proposed by RBS at the next general meeting and this parliamentary motion urges the government to do just that”.

Rubbish Friends to tackle marine debris on Southport Beach

Rubbish Friends 10 13 smallThe volunteer litter pickers “Rubbish Friends” will be joining with the “Love My Beach” volunteers in their first clean up of 2014.

The two volunteer organisations will be working together with Sefton Council’s Coast and Countryside rangers to help clear the beach of marine litter on Saturday 15th February.

Councillor Sue McGuire, one of the founders of “Rubbish Friends” explained “The recent high tides and strong winds has meant there is an huge amount of additional debris on our beach and so we are delighted that “Love my Beach” are joining forces with is for this vital clean-up.”

Councillor Pat Keith will join her Cambridge Ward Colleague to supervise the operation and said “Litter is a blight wherever its found but we are so fortunate that we have a growing group of volunteers who willingly put in their time and effort to clear it. In my opinion they are our “litter heroes.”

Councillor Sue McGuire added “We are really proud of the work that “Rubbish Friends” put in to clean up grot spots around our area and both Pat & myself would encourage everyone to get involved”.

If you would like to be a Southport “Rubbish Friends” please join us on Saturday 15th February in the car park closest to Fairways Roundabout (free parking for volunteers) on Marine Drive at 10:30am. Gloves and equipment will be provided.

Council agree to road improvements after 7 year campaign

After a 7 year campaign led by Councillor Sue McGuire, the junction at Park Road and Roe Lane is finally to be made safer for pedestrians with the proposed work including making the junction narrower with a larger pedestrian island installed in the centre

Cllrs Sue McGuire & Pat Keith inspect the junction at Park Road and Roe Lane

Cllrs Sue McGuire & Pat Keith inspect the very wide road junction at Park Road and Roe Lane

As Councillor Sue McGuire explains “In 2006 I worked with residents of the area to raise a petition asking for work to be carried out here so I am delighted that the Council have finally agreed.

Sue added “This junction is one of the last large sweeping junctions from the Victorian age and whilst its layout was probably necessary for horse drawn carriages its design is no longer suitable for today’s road and pavement users. The proposed work will make it much safer for pedestrians to cross the road here and narrowing the width of the junction will also help to slow traffic down.”

Councillor Pat Keith added “This decision is definitely an example of what can be achieved if you don’t dive up. We are continuing to argue for improvements to Cambridge Road, Saunders Street, Fleetwood Road and Knob Hall Lane.

Successful launch for ‘Dementia friendly Southport’

Southport MP John Pugh’s initiative to make the town dementia friendly has attracted people from across the spectrum including service providers, health officials, and carers. A packed November meeting of interested parties gave the campaign a powerful launch.

John Pugh MP with Cllrs Sue McGuire & Pat Keith support local businesses

John Pugh MP with Cllrs Sue McGuire & Pat Keith support local businesses to become Dementia Friendly

The vision behind the project is to make Southport dementia services accessible and inclusive and for the public to have the opportunity to have their say on how services should be delivered.

“Our main objective is to remove the stigma,” said Liberal Democrat Councillor Pat Keith.  “We want to spread the message that people with the condition remain, first and foremost, human beings and should not be defined by Dementia, nor should they be isolated from the everyday activities that we all enjoy.

“We will be working to have accessible transport and businesses that are respectful and responsive which would improve the quality of life not only for those with dementia but for all residents.”

Cllr McGuire said: “I would like to pay tribute to the carers that we have been privileged to meet and  whose views we have sought. They provide unconditional patience, kindness and love in what can be extremely difficult and challenging circumstances. These are the people whose voices need to be heard and their needs should be kept at the forefront of our minds so that any changes to services can make life easier for them.”

Pasta, Politics and Amnesty International

A packed pasta and politics evening provided food for thought for Southport MP John Pugh and local Lib Dem members.

It was the latest in a series of events organised by Cambridge Ward councillors Pat Keith and Sue McGuire, providing a forum for people to meet, share supper and discuss a range of political issues.


Brian Plant pictured with dinners including Southport MP John Pugh at the recent Pasta & Politics event

There was standing room only when Amnesty International guest speaker Brian Plant prompted a deep and meaningful debate on human rights.

“We tend to take our human rights for granted or think it is something that affects only other countries.” said Councillor Keith: “I’m particularly appalled at incidences of female mutilation which, according to recent estimates, has affected 66,000 women and girls in England and Wales, while 24,000 girls under the age of 11 are at risk.

“Although the practice has been outlawed in Britain since 1985 it is still carried out.”

Her colleague Sue McGuire said: “People are often worried about condemning the practice for fear of being disrespectful to people’s cultures but we need to recognise that it is child abuse and a violation of women’s and girls’ human rights.

“Both Pat and I recognise the subject can be sensitive but we firmly believe it is crucial to be informed and to campaign against this tradition rather than to remain ignorant of the suffering that’s taking place.”

Councillors deal with traffic menace

Sefton Council have responded positively to a request from Lib Dem Councillors Sue McGuire and Pat Keith for a traffic refuge to be installed on Cambridge Road following concerns raised by residents about both vehicle speed and the number of vehicles.

Councillor Sue McGuire and Pat Keith investigate the amount of traffic on Cambridge Road

Councillor Sue McGuire and Pat Keith investigate the amount of traffic on Cambridge Road

The two councillors have now taken up the campaign and Councillor Sue McGuire said. “We are aware of the fact that there are many additional vehicles using Cambridge Road as two new developments take shape. We have contacted the council to see how this can be addressed. It is a very busy road at most hours of the day and with many more new residents due to move into the road we feel it is crucial that some kind of safe crossing should be installed.”

Her colleague Cllr. Keith added: “Following our requests the police have undertaken a speed check in the area and although the results revealed that the majority of drivers adhered to the speed limit, there is still cause for concern. There could be many vulnerable people who will be new to the area and it is essential that on an arterial road with such traffic volume there should be a safe crossing place.”

We are delighted that Sefton Council have revealed that a traffic refuge as requested can be included in their next pedestrian crossing review” said the Liberal Democrat Councillors.